Veteran Filing a PTSD Claim? Here’s Help…

The veteran’s benefits claims process is a grueling one from what I’ve heard. Not only is having to revisit experiences of combat trauma difficult, trying to document each and every incident on the many claim forms you’ll need to fill out for the VA to get your benefits to kick in is anything but easy. What follows are a few tips and resources that I’ve come across. I hope they help you as you move forward in completing your paperwork.

First, a few tips from VVAW’s Military and Veteran’s Counseling Handbook [pdf]. Of special importance to you as you begin the claims process is the information on page 8. Please take a look at that page, if you read only one from this handbook. The most important thing to do first is to file your claim immediately if you believe you have combat service-related PTSD:

Things to do at your VA Compensation and Pension Exam Do’s and Don’ts

Disability Examination Worksheets


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